Advisor Multi Ilan 2014 is designed to work simultaneously on several currency pairs (listed below), the list of which is provided in the outer parameters of the advisor.

Advisors from Series Ilan are perhaps the most popular trade experts on the internet. We present to your attention yet another version — highly recommended by traders.

Lets introduce, the name of advisor is Multi Ilan version 2014 and we, of course, could not pass by such a robot. This forex advisor became much more independent: now you don’t need to care as much about it as you needed before, less “manual» work for the trader.

•   Deposit: at least 10 000 (cents) units to 0.1 standard lot

•   Timeframes: from M5 and up (setting up of TF_Indicator5m, 15m, 30m, 1H (choose the best one in tester strategy MT4)

•   Used strategy: Martingale and Multi-Currency


So, in the opinion of its traders that tested it — this is the best Multi-Currency expert in 2014. Multi Ilan 2014 operates synchronously on 9 forex pairs, which gives a significant advantage for getting a lot more profits than in the previous year’s earlier versions. Function of hedging of currency pairs is built into the expert, and even if the transaction is closed by the stop, it remains profitable. How is that possible?

When the price goes above the purchase, Multi Ilan 2014 immediately rearranges the stop without loss. The installation of this trading advisor is simple, although it is installed on each currency pair separately. This makes it possible to open the orders correctly.

Basic principles of the EA Multi Ilan 2014

When working the principle of multi-currency hedging is used, which can significantly reduce the risks when trading. Fundamental factor in the formation of profit of Advisor Multi Ilan 2014 is the use of the theory of Martingale using some methods of technical analysis in the initial choice of the direction and the opening of the first market transaction. All subsequent series of transactions are opened in the same direction and are opened in the market. The trading robot automatically analyzes the type of account and multiplies, if necessary, the parameter data by 10 (five-digit accounts).

For the first order advisor uses indicator Relative Strength Index, and the next orders are opened in the same direction with the help of Relative Strength Index and MA. We recommend to use Advisor Multi Ilan 2014 with next settings: MATimeFrame- 1H TF_Indicator 15m-30m.

If ModeIndividual=«TRUE», the optimization on the history and management of automated online system is enabled. Step Martingale is specified manually in the settings, which also is an advantage of Multi Ilan 2014. You can also use a trailing stop and do so that there is no loss for fixing already received floating profit at a certain level.

Using the same account with other advisors is unacceptable.

Main characteristics original Advisor Multi Ilan 2014

•       Expert type: Martingale and Multi-Currency

•       Year of completion: 2014

•       The presence of additional filters on the base of MA and Relative Strength Index

•       Drawing of profitable orders to trend and closing when it changes (start from TF_Indicator 5m)

•       Profit (semi-automatic) up to about 50 percent/month

•       Return (automatic mode): up to about 30 percent/month

•       Return (automatic mode + min. risks) up to about 15 percent/month


•       Leverage: 1: 500 (the more, the better)

The main feature of Advisor Multi Ilan 2014— is the stability, with which you will agree, is very important for the martingale advisors. You’ll see that Multi Ilan 2014 is very stabile. This version is a fully automatic, works on 9 forex pairs, has stop-losses and is has trailing-stop. It is necessary for him on the 0.01 lot to have 50 USD for one currency pair on, therefore, 9×50=450 USD (if your deposit is in cents, you’ll need approximately deposit of 4500 cents and the size of the starting lot=0.1)

This version of Ilan can withstand 1000 points( on one currency pair) because other currency pairs at the time will give profit. When using normal money management (RiskProc=15), you can gain 5-10% per month, it is quite safe — it is possible to gain 30% per month with little or no risk.

Attention, it is not recommended for CoefLots to be more than 15 (it is recommended to be put 1.2-1.3).

Settings of Advisor Multi Ilan 2014

“ Magic” — has the same value on all installed currency pairs

•       enableBUY — if set to «TRUE» then Buy orders will be opened

•       enableSELL — if set to «TRUE» then Sell orders will be opened

•       Coef_MA — participates in calculations, therefore, if you increase TakeProfit0 and TakeProfitN from 60 and for example to 120 and do not touch the settings of MATimeFrame then Coef_MA is recommended from 8 to 12, if you change the period of MA for example from 1H to 30m and TakeProfit0 and TakeProfitN=60 then Coef_MA changes to from 8 to 12.

•       MATimeFrame — time frame MA is recommended to 1H, 30m, 15m (see in strategy tester MT4)

•       MA1 Period and MA2 Period is recommended to 50

•      ModeIndividual — «FALSE» for trade and «TRUE» for testing in in the strategy tester (MT4)

•       RiskProc — Is involved in the calculation of the lot in the first order (the selection is in the tester)

•  Lot = 0.01 — lot size (if set to zero, the lot advisor calculates automatically, and will also increase it when there is profit on the account)

•   An important point when Lot = 0, Advisor uses RiskProc

•  CoefLots = 1.30 — Next lot is multiplied by 1,30

•     TakeProfit0 = 60 — Take profit for one order for this currency pair

•   TakeProfitN = 60 — Take profit for group orders, if more than one

•       Step = 25 — Spacing between new orders

•       MaxPosition — Permissible maximum amount of orders for this currency pair

•       Level = 55 — if it is set  60, conditions for trade entry will be tightened and there will be less transactions, but then the reliability will be higher- it is recommended for large sums on accounts

•       Level_I = 65, is recommended higher than Level

•   ProfitTralProc = 70 — The percentage of profits to trigger trailing

•       ModeTral = «TRUE» — Activation of mode without loss

•       ProfitWLProc = 50; percentage of profits, in which advisor modifies the stop loss

•       ModeWL = «TRUE» switch mode without loss

•       ModeTrend = «TRUE» Enabling discovery of new orders only in the direction of the previous candle

•       Comments = «TRUE» Commentary on the chart

•      Alerts = «FALSE» Sounds off

•       HourOp1Day = 2; Time of opening orders on Monday

•       HourCl5Day = 22; Time of ending orders on Friday

•       MaxHedge = 5; How many unprofitable open orders there needs to be for Multi Ilan Advisor to use hedge lock

•   ModeAdditionalProfit =  «TRUE» Enabling trailing for open positions (if more than one)

•       Additional_Tral = 10 — The size of the step of trailing in pip in this group

•       TF_Indicator — Fixing of TF for indicator Relative Strength Index. We recommend 5m to 30m (try in tester. Goal is to reach as little as possible opened orders with using CoefLots)

The choice of currency pairs for working with the Advisor

It has been observed that the usual currency pair USD / CHF is not particularly good for Multi Ilan Advisor, so you can slightly change the default set of currency pairs. Here we have in mind that it is best to prohibit him from working on the USD / CHF so he won’t “complain” there not being additional currency pairs involved. You’ll need to put Multi Ilan Advisor on NZD / USD, EUR / GBP, EUR / CHF graphs and, in settings, prohibit Advisor from live trading.

How do I prevent Advisor from working with a particular forex pair? As said above, remove in the settings checkbox «Allow live trading» and thats all.

Testing of Advisor Multi Ilan 2014

Note that in this expert tester cannot be checked because it works on nine currency pairs. The tester cannot take into account the fact that the expert works on 9 currency pairs, in addition, the tester doesn’t take hedging into account.

Reviews of Multi Ilan 2014

●     Аs usual Multi Ilan pleased with its profitability, 50 percent of profit in 2 weeks. A good advisor, after six months of testing reviews are still good

●     Multi Ilan in 2014 — well, just do not get carried away with the size of the lots, do it manually until you find the optimal settings

●     The real time test allowed to check the function of the MaxHedge. Drawdown is basically invincible

●     After month of tests on standard forex pairs; income is 70 percent and drawdown is 20 percent

●     Great advisor — yesterday, in five hours on demo account with 200 USD, deposit was raised to 300 USD, I’ll look tomorrow and will likely put it on a real account


Please note that it is best to try Advisor on demo account first, and only if you like, you can try it on a real account.

Write your comments, reviews and questions to; the author of Advisor is going to answer all the questions.

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